An Interview with… Your New Head and Deputy Head Girls

What were your initial thoughts when you were announced as Head/ Deputy Head Girl?

Libby (Head Girl):  When it was announced that I was Head Girl, at first I was very shocked and extremely happy! I couldn’t quite believe that I had actually got the role but I am very much looking forward to taking on all of the responsibilities involved.

Kyla (Deputy Head Girl): I was very surprised. I mean, I did try my best and put all my effort into it but there was a very high standard of people who went for it- Anyone in that room could’ve been picked. But I’m really happy to be working closely with Libby, as she’s one of my best friends already.

What are you the looking forward to the most in this role?

Libby:  I am most looking forward to organising many school events, especially Prom, as organisation is a skill I have gained through my own small business and fundraising for the Nicaragua expedition later this year.

Kyla: I am looking forward to working closely with the Head Girl’s team, as we have an excellent one this year. Also I’m looking forward to the organisational roles that will come into play, and the ability to have a bigger responsibility within the school community.

What are you the most anxious about in this role?

Libby:  I am most anxious about doing everyone in this school justice, but I really will put 110% of my effort into the role, and I hope this will help me to succeed.

Kyla: The whole role is a challenge, but I’m more excited and apprehensive than anxious. Overall, I’m just more excited to start and get into it.

I know it’s early, but any initial ideas for prom next year?

Libby: There has already been a bit of discussion with other members of the Head Girl’s Team. From very extravagant ideas, like St George’s Hall, to the more traditional ideas of Thornton Manor, we are all really looking forward to making next year’s prom one of the best.

Kyla: I know that I want it to be collaborative- I want everyone to take a part in it. It will obviously be in a very nice venue but overall I want it to contain an essence of everyone in the team.

Do you think you’ll follow on exactly like this year’s (Deputy) Head Girl or are you hoping to make a change?

Libby: Ruby has been a brilliant Head Girl and I really hope I can follow her legacy. I have been very inspired by her and will use all that I’ve seen this year to fulfil the role in my own way.

Kyla: I think Annie’s done a really good job, and I want to emulate what she’s done as her organisation level has been really good. Together with Ruby, they made a strong team. This year’s big initiative of our school is to boost extra curriculars, so I want to help with that.

Similar to the last question, what are you hoping to achieve in your role?

Libby: In the role, I hope that I can strengthen the family feel of this school further. I want to ensure that I am a friendly and approachable face in the corridors for all students to come to for any help.

Kyla: I’m hoping to provide the student body with a representative that they like and I hope that the rest of the team like how Libby and I run things. I hope that students can feel that that they can always come to me, to talk or about any issues they may have. I just want to be that kind of figure that I’ve always looked up to myself.

And finally, how are you planning to balance your school work, outside of school activities, rest, and deputy head girl duties?

Libby: I have some experience with balancing school work and fundraising through the Nicaragua expedition, so I would plan to continue to manage my time effectively, putting aside a certain number of hours for each duty or activity per week. It is important that I still continue with my outside school activities such as performing arts and Zumba so I can also have somewhere to relieve any stress that the role may bring.

Kyla: I’m aware that this role comes with a lot of responsibility but I already do a lot, such as Rent (the joint-production), volunteering, a job outside of school, Youth Speaks, English Speaking Board, etc… So I already have a packed schedule that I’ve learnt to manage. I am willing to admit it’s a challenge, especially during the exam period, but it’s a challenge that I’m willing to take on.


By Marrya Ben-Gharbia

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